G.R.E.E.N – mnemonic for explanation of Green New Deal

What is the Green New Deal? According to the UK Student Climate Network:
The Green New Deal is a set of five principles to guide a policy plan that will fundamentally restructure our economy to deliver good jobs and a habitable future.

Green Christian’s web editor has reordered and simplified the five principles so that they follow the initials GREEN, as follows

G: Greenhouse gases:

Reduce Green house gases to (almost) zero

R: Resilience –

This includes:-
a. Prepare the system to adapt to environment changes
b. Show love.

E: Equality –

We need to have much more equality.

a. Societies where there is more equality are happier.
b. We should not allow a system where people are forced to live under the line of dignity.

E: Employment: Green Jobs

Jobs created must be green and give dignity

N: Nature:

a. Protect Nature (Biodiversity)
b. Protect Natural Resources: Soil; Fish Stocks; Mangrove Swamps; Clean Air; Coral Reefs; Ice Caps & Peat-bogs (as water reservoirs). Our present financial system is destroying these natural resources and nature.

In the next 3 to 18 months ..

After Coronovirus, Governments of the world are going to be investing Tens of TRILLIONS of dollars into our economies. Are we going to let them continue with our present destructive system, or can we persuade them to invest so that the world is a more resilient place in 10 or 100 years time?

What can we do? As individuals?

Each of us needs to remind our elected officials that it is their duty to protect its citizens, so that the world will be full of resources and habitable in 10 or 100 years time.

It is insane to say we are growing economically if we are destroying the source of growth. Quote from Laudato Si webinar by Christiana Figueres, and Fr. Augusto Zampini-Davies



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