New Year Resolutions 2022

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What resolution will you make for 2022? Here are some suggestions. They are in no particular order.

Do suggest your own in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

Life-changing stuff

Give thanks in all circumstancesPrayJoin Green ChristianMake the Flight Free pledgeGet to know your MP
Go more vegan Join our Way of Life Community Divest your bank, savings and pensionMeasure, reduce and, only then, offset your carbon footprintTalk to your church leader about what your church can do

Suggestions from our members from previous years:

1. Buy nothing new for a year except of course consumables such as food – it has been done! 2. Walk everywhere under one mile.3. Use email instead of paper.4.Turn the heating off except in very cold weather.5. Do not use any social media as it is corroding. etc.etc.
6. Check how much you need in savings and put any surplus into gifts to charities concerned with environment, sustainability and peace-building.7. Insulate yourself! Trawl second hand shops for big fluffy jumpers and fleecy blankets8. We can appreciate wildlife more by not having a pet but by allowing and creating habitats in the garden9. Get a milkman! This reduces your plastic waste by about half with no trouble at all. The milk delivered will be a bit more expensive, but if you can afford to do this, consider the extra as a donation to environmental causes. 10. Buy British wool products and leather

Perennial suggestions to try again this year:

1. Get fit and avoid obesity2. Singing3. Develop your Speaking skills4. Develop your Listening skills : RASA5. Save Wildlife – Get your church involved. URGENT
6.  Master the magic of  Mosses,  Moths, Mammals and more .. marvels of nature7. Take Old People on Nature Trips8. Count your blessings!9. Campaign10. Go more vegan
11. Become more (dis)ability aware / inclusive 12. Get GC free News email13. Get GC Prayer Diary free14. Set up a CG group15. Prioritise
16. Donate to the rainforest project17. Promote your event18. Display GC leaflets19. Join GC20. Organise a LOAF meal



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 27 December, 2021 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 3

Comments on "New Year Resolutions 2022"

Iain Climie:

December 30, 2021

There are some good ideas in here but can I sound a note of warning about one seemingly obvious idea. There have been many valid concerns raised recently about the impact of conventional livestock (e.g. by Poore & Nemecek's paper in Science during 2018) but the obvious advice to cut back on meat and dairy could misfire. There are other sources of meat, manure will not be easy to replace especially in poorer countries but the whole idea can misfire. I made this point to Joseph Poore who told me to get something published and the results are on the climate coalition website here: If this all seems overly cynical, have a look at a couple of incidents from 2007. I don't know how many of the (potential) 500,000 lambs were culled and wasted (1st link) but 5000 healthy sheep in Shetland certainly were (2nd link) Please beware the danger of doing the wrong thing for the right reason! All the best for 2022 though.

Alan Ramage:

December 28, 2021

With biodiversity being the topic of the other major global environment conference, and as it is taking place in 2022, it would be good to see some explicit reference to how we can aid the move to the flourishing of nature. Choosing to support an NGO or NGOs which work in developing countries, where such organisations are few, would be good, e.g. WWF and Flora and Fauna International.

Mark Boulton:

December 28, 2021

Measure the water you put in the kettle for drinks (the kettle probably uses at least 25X more energy than a 10w LED light bulb). You might be surprised how much is still left when you have made the!

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