Christian songs about Creation

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Are you a budding songwriter or hymn writer? Do you have a worship group or choir which likes to write Christian music? Here’s an opportunity!
Resound Worship, a group of British worship songwriters, are seeking worship songs that talk about caring for the planet.

They say: “Here at Resound Worship, we have been watching the increasingly urgent ecological situation in our world and have recognised that the Church is struggling for something to sing. We have a vision to create new resources in words and music that release our voice on these issues in our gathered worship.”

You can submit your song idea for £5 (maximum two songs) by Friday 18th October. You’ll need to fill out an online form with the song title, lyrics, chord chart or mp3 file, or a note saying that the words are to the tune of a traditional hymn.

For more information, and to enter, please see the doxecology website:

There are some hymns about creation and Caring for God’s World on Green Christian’s website here

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