Read about the Green Christian October event in Edinburgh

Final worship under a pear tree

Green Christian was on the Road in St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh on 22 October 2022.

The enjoyable, engaging and meaningful day, including the following:

• Green Christian Way of Life – a workshop exploring how a four-fold framework of Prayer, Living Gently on the Earth, Public Witness and Encouragement can shape our journey together.

A plenty! discussion

• a taster session of Plenty!, our discussion course challenging Christians to join in building a just economy within ecological limits. Both workshops were facilitated by Green Christian members John and Vanessa Purdy. 

• On Sacred Ground – an interactive workshop, reflecting on the climate and ecological crisis, taking inspiration from Daniel Berrigan: “You not only have to take a stand but then you have to stand there.” Jonathan Baxter asked question, based on a spectrum running from ‘Business as usual’ to ‘Climate and Ecological Crisis’: such as where do I stand personally? where do I stand professionally? where does the Church stand? where does my church stand? where does wider society stand? where do global governments stand? He then introduced another spectrum running from ‘despair’ to ‘hope’ and asked people to say where they stood. This was followed by a Work that Reconnects exercise: The Milling.

Rev John Purdy and an attendee chatting over coffee

• an art exhibition by Sarah Gittins – a mini-retrospective of work made over the last 20 years that brings the ‘over there’ of climate change into the ‘here and now’ of everyday consciousness.

The room was decorated with embroidered artwork from the Stitches for Survival project. If others are interested in showing a selection of this work in their churches do contact them.

The day ended with outdoor worship using Sensio Divina under a glorious old pear tree. 

We are hopeful that lasting connections were made to support faith-based climate action in Edinburgh and the wider region.

Get in touch if you would like Green Christian to help you run a similar event in 2023.

“You not only have to take a stand but then you have to stand there.” Jonathan Baxter running the Sacred Ground workshop, with Stiches for Survival artwork in the background



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